Adult Bible Classes

Adult Bible classes are offered on Sunday mornings as part of our commitment to help each other grow in our understanding and application of the Bible.

Listen to one of our series below!

  • As a church, we have been considering deeply the “person” of Jesus revealed in Hebrews and throughout the Scriptures. As His followers, we also need to study the “words” of Jesus given to us in the Gospels. During His ministry on earth, He spoke with purpose and authority to give us understanding about His Kingdom for our lives. This class will look at some of the key teachings of Jesus with an emphasis on present-day application as His present-day disciples.   

  • Easter is a celebration of the gracious and powerful work of God to deliver us from sin, guilt, and death. As we consider deeply the essential truths of Easter, it fills us with gratitude, confidence, and awe. This 3-week class leading up to Easter will help us all prepare by looking intently at the necessary death and resurrection of Jesus. 

  • Jesus Christ stands at the center of the Christian faith and life. He is God Incarnate – entering into humanity so that we could know Him and have a restored relationship with Him. The more we know Jesus, the more we love Him. And the more we love Him, the more we grow and become like Him. This class will delve into the Scriptures to “behold Jesus,” looking intently at His divine attributes, His perfect humanity, and His redemptive work to restore us and all creation.  

  • The promise is certain. Jesus will return, and He told us to "be ready." What does that mean for us? This class looks at what the Bible says about "the end" - what will be and how we are to live in light of that.