Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers showing kindness in personal ways to people in need. Here in Chesapeake we are a collective effort of the faith-based community, civic organizations, government, and businesses working to serve and meet needs in our city for the purpose of building trusting relationships, instilling hope, and transforming lives.

Below are some ways you can get involved! 

Give food to help students in need!

While coronavirus has impacted all of our lives in one way or another, there are those for whom it has had a more significant, immediate impact.  Among these are students who depend on food provided through the school system for their regular meals.  


In response to this need, Serve the City Chesapeake is helping the schools and the City provide “Grab-n-Go” meals for students Monday through Friday.  We, at Centerpoint, are specifically serving at B. M. Williams Elementary, on Fridays, providing bags of food to help students get through the weekend.   

Donate Bags

Each bag should contain a breakfast food, a lunch food, an easy-to-make dinner, and a hygiene item.


Breakfast: Granola bars, oatmeal, cereal, grits, pancake mix, etc.

Lunch: Soup and crackers, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, jelly, and bread, etc.

Dinner: Pasta and sauce, rice and beans, tuna helper and canned tuna, ravioli, etc.

Hygiene item: Hand soap, body soap, hand sanitizer, etc.

Extras (not required): Snacks and new children’s activities

Bags can be dropped off at the church in the boxes on the pavilion or Shelby Lowrey is willing to arrange porch pick-ups.  If you need help getting in touch with Shelby, please contact the office HERE.  

Support financially

Monetary donations can be made through Elexio and the Donate page on our website. Simply select the B. M. Williams Fund and enter any dollar amount.  All donations will be used to buy supplies for families in need.  A gift of $25.00 will purchase supplies for 3 bags.  Any donation amount is appreciated!!  Donations are tax deductible.  

Provide lawn care for first responders!

Lawn care for first responders is an opportunity to bless people (in particular healthcare workers) working long hours on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic with basic lawn care services. We are in communication with administration at Chesapeake General to assess the need for such services. 

Guidelines for those wishing to serve in this area are as follows:

1) Volunteers are required to complete and sign THIS application and medical release.

2) Volunteers are required to work in groups of at least two in keeping with STC guidelines. One volunteer MUST be an adult (18+). 

3) Volunteers are required to adhere to all COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Volunteers may not have direct contact with homeowners. Communication with homeowners should be handled over the phone or through email.

4) Volunteers must provide and maintain their own equipment. 

5) Volunteers will receive assignments after homeowners sign a liability release. They should then communicate with homeowners (via phone or email) to confirm the details of the specific request and the frequency of the desired services. 

6) Volunteers should follow-up with homeowners after lawn care services are completed. 

7) Volunteers should report the number of hours spent on the job to Jay Benfante after assignments are completed. 

Jay Benfante is the coordinator for this project. Any questions or concerns regarding this volunteer opportunity should be directed to Jay. If you need help contacting Jay, please call the office HERE.