Prayer for Tabernacle Church of Norfolk

Tabernacle Church of Norfolk (one of the churches in our consortium) is considering a merger with Grace Bible Church.  The Tab elders have pursued this merger after experiencing critical decline in attendance and giving over the past several years.  CCC along with the other Consortium churches have made a proposal for Tab Church's revitalization offering guidance and resources to enable Tab to continue as an autonomous church while also remaining in our consortium.  Today, we ask you to join with our other Consortium churches in prayer for Tab Church.

1.  Pray for Tab’s leaders.
Pray that God would give the Tab pastors and elders discernment.  Pray that they would be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  Pray that they would act with wisdom, and humility, able to shepherd their people well, and lead them in the future direction God has for them. 

2.  Pray for Tab’s members.
Pray that God would give the members of Tab a spirit of unity.  Pray that their hearts would be soft toward one another, and toward their leaders, and that they would act charitably toward one another.  Pray that they would collectively act with discernment, as they move toward a vote of 'merger' or 'no merger' on Nov 4.

3.  Pray for the city of Norfolk.
One big reason that Tab is considering merging with Grace is because they have a deep passion to see people in Norfolk come to know Christ.  Pray that the people of that city would be drawn to faith in Christ, and mobilized to new lives of discipleship and faithfulness through the ministry of Tab Church and Grace Bible Church.


4. Pray for the Consortium leadership.

The pastors of the Consortium churches are offering to assist Tab in revitalization should the merger with Grace Bible Church not go forward.  Pray for unity and collective wisdom within the Consortium.  Pray for the provision of vision, leadership, and resources to revitalize Tab church as a healthy, growing, serving church.

The Consortium churches are:

Community Church of Chesapeake

James River Community Church

Peninsula Community Chapel

Virginia Beach Community Chapel

Williamsburg Community Chapel

and Tabernacle Church of Norfolk