Centerpoint Community Church

Statement Regarding Our Involvement at

BM Williams Primary School

Centerpoint Community Church ( has been involved at BM Williams Primary School for approximately 10 years, serving the students, families, and faculty in various ways. This has included teacher appreciation events, grounds beautification and improvement projects, backpacks and school supplies for students, food distribution to families during COVID, 1-on-1 tutors for struggling students, and classroom preparation with teachers. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of our community in this way. 

In the Fall of 2022, several members of our church were approved by Chesapeake Public Schools to start an after-school Good News Club. These members had a history of serving at the school and wanted to provide an opportunity for interested families to enroll their children in a Christian program with enriching activities and age-appropriate teaching from the Bible. 

We understand the policies associated with the use of school facilities by outside organizations. The schools are public property and are appropriately available for use by various groups as long as it does not disrupt or interfere with the school’s normal functioning. We also understand and appreciate the 2001 ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States (Good News Club vs Milford Central School District) that allows outside religious clubs to be held on public school property after hours. 

We were not surprised by the application for an After-School Satan Club under the sponsorship of The Satanic Temple. Based on the purpose and description on their website, their clubs appear to exist primarily to counter and frustrate Christian groups that have been approved to use school facilities. In spite of this and their views in opposition to our faith, we recognize that Chesapeake Public Schools has the authority to approve any/all groups consistent with existing policies and court rulings while also acting in the best interest of the students and families. We are praying for the school board, administration, and the BM Williams staff as they navigate this issue. 

We appreciate the opportunity to serve interested families at BM Williams Primary through the Good News Club as part of our existing relationship with the school and our continued commitment to help meet the needs and interests of the BM Williams community. 

Centerpoint Community Church Elders

December 2022

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