Centerpoint Strategic Initiatives

Centerpoint Strategic Initiatives
God has consistently provided his people with strategic direction to expand His kingdom. In Acts 1:8 Jesus launches the church on mission with initiatives to reach Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. As we begin our next 40 years, we believe God is empowering and sending us to expand His kingdom into our own Jerusalem and beyond with three strategic initiatives - each with the aim of church planting. We endeavor by the grace of God to establish and advance the following:


Missional Family Groups (MFG)

A Missional Family is a small group centered on working together to grow up in Christ and gather others into His kingdom. Focus is on partnering to love and lead the lost to Christ.  These groups may be “targeted” such as serving families through Crisis Pregnancy Center, or in local schools, or may be “organic” reaching out through existing relationships within the group. We endeavor to launch and maintain such groups with the desire that they form communities that plug into existing or develop into new churches.


Local Church Plant

In 2019 we began the implementation of the MFG model in South Norfolk with the hopes of planting a church.  After a few years the initiative was discontinued and is currently being reevaluated.  Our goal is to plant a church locally whether through an MFG multiplying model or a more traditional church planting model within the next three years.


Serve The City Kosovo

Centerpoint has sent two teams to Pristina, Kosovo to establish Serve The City (STC) there. STC provides practical help for local communities to create gospel-sharing opportunities.  Partnering with Impact Pristina (a church plant,) and the 15:20 Coalition we endeavor to leverage STC to strengthen and multiply churches within Kosovo.  In 2022 we sent Centerpoint member, Jay Benfante with Comunitas as our first missionary to Kosovo and the surrounding region.