(April 18 – July 8, 2022)

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The book of Exodus is an Old Testament story that points to Jesus Christ. It is all about the good news of redemption. God pursues his people who are enslaved and provides a substitute death for them that gives them life, establishing a covenant that promises his presence and protection.

During our 12-week series in Exodus everyone is encouraged to use this plan to read the complete book over the same 12-week period. Some days will require more reading than others, the last 3 weeks requiring entire chapters for each day. The plan will give you the broader context for each week’s Sunday sermon. Let’s dig deep into Exodus and see the God who miraculously delivers his people out of slavery into a new life of freedom to serve him.


As you begin each day:

(1) Find a quiet place where you can be alone. This is important for you to more easily focus as you read and have an awareness of God’s presence. Prepare yourself to listen.

(2) Read the verses taking note of the main points that stand out to you. Whether you have read the verses before or not, approach them with an eagerness to learn something new about God, and about yourself.

(3) Ponder the question. Maybe the question works for you, or maybe you have something else based on the reading that you need to continue to process. Whatever it is, be intentional about thinking and praying about it throughout your day.





Apr 18    Family Ties                                      Exodus 1:1-7  

               How have you seen and would like to see God work in your family?

Apr 19    The House of Bondage                    Exodus 1:8-14

               How have you seen God multiply his kingdom amid hardship?


Apr 20    Who Will You Fear?                        Exodus 1:15-22

               What helps you to fear God more than the “pharaohs” in your life?


Apr 21    Drawn Out                                      Exodus 2:1-10

               How have you seen God turn a hopeless situation into a hope-filled one?


Apr 22    God Is at Work                                Exodus 2:11-25          

               What attribute of God did you see in this passage that particularly struck you?




Apr 25    God Speaks                                     Exodus 3:1-22

               What immediate obedience to God do you need to practice this week?


Apr 26    God is Able                                      Exodus 4:1-17

               What does God indicate is necessary for us to serve him?


Apr 27    Behind the Scenes                          Exodus 4:18-31          

               Why is integrity in personal matters important in public ministry?


Apr 28    Loaded Down                                 Exodus 5:1-23

               How are you discouraged when obedience to God does not yield discernible blessing?


Apr 29    The Promise                                    Exodus 6:1-27

               How does knowing God and his promises give you security and identity?





May 2     Wonders and Warnings                  Exodus 6:28-7:25

               How do you doubt the power of God or ignore his warnings?


May 3     The Finger of God                            Exodus 8:1-32

               When have you had an awakening like the magicians in verse 18?


May 4     I Have Sinned                                  Exodus 9:1-35

               How do you, like Pharoah confess your sin without repenting of it?


May 5     An Unyielding Heart                       Exodus 10:1-29

               How is pride currently blinding you to God’s will in your life?


May 6     God is King                                      Exodus 11:1-10          

               How do the plagues show God’s glory, that He is worthy of our worship?        





May 9     The First Passover                           Exodus 12:1-30          

               What can you practice that will cause others to ask, “What does this ceremony mean?”


May 10   Out of Egypt                                    Exodus 12:31-42

               What surprises or amazes you about how God brought the Israelites out of Egypt?


May 11   A Celebratory Feast                        Exodus 12:43-51

               What does this say about the importance of Passover to God and Israel?


May 12   The Buy Back                                   Exodus 13:1-16          

               How does the redemption of the firstborn point back to the exodus and forward to Christ?


May 13   Wilderness Detour                          Exodus 13:17-14:4     

               Why do you think God sometimes leads you through a wilderness detour?





May 16   Stay Calm                                         Exodus 14:5-14

               Why is it hard to trust God, even when He has done so many incredible things?


May 17   The Bigger Picture                           Exodus 14:15-20

               How does this help you see your situation is about more than you?


May 18   Crossing the Sea                              Exodus 14:21-31        

               How does the Red Sea crossing correspond to your own rescue from the bondage of sin?


May 19   I Will Sing!                                      Exodus 15:1-21

               How is our faith strengthened by singing together all that is true about God?


May 20   From Bitter to Sweet                      Exodus 15:22-27

               What current bitter relationship or situation needs a sweetening miracle from God?





May 23   Grace to the Grumbling                  Exodus 16:1-36           

               What does God’s gracious provision teach about his commitment to his people?


May 24   Is the Lord with Us?                        Exodus 17:1-7

               How has a physical or spiritual need tempted you to grumble?


May 25   Altar of Remembrance                   Exodus 17:8-16

               What would you name an altar you built in remembrance of what God has done?


May 26   Telling the Story                              Exodus 18:1-12

               Who can you tell about all God has done to rescue and provide for you?


May 27   Peace and Order                             Exodus 18:13-27

               How and where might God use you to bring peace and order into someone’s world?





May 30   A Word from God                            Exodus 19:1-6 

               What does God reveal here about himself, his people, and his purpose?


May 31   We Will                                           Exodus 19:7-9

               What has God asked you to do, to which you need to say, “I Will”?


June 1     Consecration                                  Exodus 19: 10-15

               What does God want Israel to understand about obedience and holiness?


June 2     God Thunders                                 Exodus 19: 16-20        

               In what ways has God revealed himself and replied to you?


June 3     Meeting with God                          Exodus 19:21-25

               How are you like Aaron, in need of a Moses to lead you up the mountain?





June 6     God’s Commandments                   Exodus 20:1-21

               What other “gods” has the one true God freed you from to serve him only?


June 7     Remember                                      Exodus 20:22-26

               How has God recently caused his name to be remembered in your life?


June 8     Fair Treatment                               Exodus 21:1-11

               What principle underlies these laws and how should it be applied today?


June 9     The Value of Life                             Exodus 21:12-36

               How do you demonstrate that you value life?


June 10   Mine and Yours                              Exodus 22:1-15

               What would you include today in a list of protected property under God’s law?





June 13   Different                                          Exodus 22:16-31

               What are ways we show the world today that we are set apart and different?


June 14   Justice, Mercy, and Rest                 Exodus 23:1-13

               Which of these commands most speaks to your current situation?


June 15   Celebrate                                         Exodus 23:14-19

               Would you describe your current offering to God as a celebration?


June 16   Make No Treaties                            Exodus 23:20-33

               How are you tempted to let other gods live in “your land”?


June 17   A Covenant Meal                            Exodus 24:1-18

               What does the covenant meal look back to and forward to?





June 20   According to the Pattern                Exodus 25:1-40

               What attribute of God stands out to you and how does it impact how you pray?


June 21   The Tabernacle                                Exodus 26:1-37

               How does it make you feel that 1 Corinthians 6:19 calls you the tabernacle of God?


June 22   Keep Burning                                   Exodus 27:1-21

               When do you find your lamp burning the least in God’s presence?


June 23   Distinguished from the Rest           Exodus 28:1-43

               How would others recognize that you belong to God?


June 24   Set Apart to Serve                           Exodus 29:1-46

               In what ways do you serve in a priestly role to others?





June 27   Ransom Money                               Exodus 30:1-38

               How did Jesus pay the ransom to purify and make you right with God?


June 28   Work and Rest                                 Exodus 31:1-18

               What duties crowd out your Sabbath rest?


June 29   Quick to Turn Away                        Exodus 32:1-35

               To what are you prone to turn when God seems absent?


June 30   Personal and Powerful                   Exodus 33:1-23

               Do you experience God more like a friendly voice or a powerful passing by?


July 1      Immediate Worship                        Exodus 34:1-35

               What part of what God does and says makes you immediately worship?





July 4      Give Abundantly                             Exodus 35:1-36:7

               In what way can you offer more to God’s kingdom building project?


July 5      They Made                                     Exodus 36:8-38

               Who do you need to invite to be a part of the craftsman who serve God?


July 6      He Made                                         Exodus 37:1-38:20     

               How like Bezalel might God be calling you to a specific ministry?


July 7      Beautiful and Costly                        Exodus 38:21-39:42

               What does all this reveal about God and his people?


July 8      Redeemed                                       Exodus 40:1-38

               How have you seen God redeem your idolatry and consecrate you for his service?