(September 4 – December 23, 2023)

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The book of Revelation is a book of timeless truth and enduring encouragement written to the church in the midst of trial, and on the edge of tribulation.  Filled with vivid imagery, symbols, numbers, and visions it can be a difficult book to interpret. May our reading and studying together make the overwhelming understandable.  May we see Jesus more clearly as the returning and conquering King worthy of worship.

During our 15-week series in Revelation everyone is encouraged to use this plan to read the complete book over the same 15-week period. The plan will give you the context for each week’s Sunday sermon. Let's trust God when he says through his Apostle John in Revelation 1:3, "Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near."


As you begin each day:

(1) Find a quiet place where you can be alone. This is important for you to more easily focus as you read and have an awareness of God’s presence. Prepare yourself to listen.

(2) Read the verses taking note of the main points that stand out to you. Whether you have read the verses before or not, approach them with an eagerness to learn something new about God, and about yourself.

(3) Ponder the question. Maybe the question works for you, or maybe you have something else based on the reading that you need to continue to process. Whatever it is, be intentional about thinking and praying about it throughout your day.

WEEK 1 – What is Certain?

Sep 4    The Revelation     Rev 1:1-3 
             What is the purpose of the Revelation?

Sep 5    Identity     Rev 1:4-8   
             How do these verses describe Christ’s identity and ours?

Sep 6    Context      Rev 1:9-11   
             What is the setting of John’s writing?

Sep 7    Jesus, the Son of Man     Rev 1:12-16
             What is being emphasized in this description of Jesus?

Sep 8    Alive Forevermore     Rev 1:17-18
             Why do you think Jesus introduces himself this way?

Sep 9    Past, Present, Future     Rev 1:19-20
             What can we know about the Revelation from these verses?

WEEK 2  – He Who Has Ears, Hear!

Sep 11    Lukewarm and Faithful        Rev 2:1-11   
               What is similar and different about the message to Ephesus and Smyrna?

Sep 12    Influence     Rev 2:12-17
               What influences distract you from your relationship with Jesus?

Sep 13    Hold Fast     Rev 2:18-29
               What does it mean to “Hold fast to what you have” until Jesus comes?

Sep 14    Wake Up      Rev 3:1-6   
               How does the promise in verse 5 encourage you?

Sep 15    Open Door      Rev 3:7-13   
               For what is the Philadelphia church commended?

Sep 16    Knock Knock      Rev 3:14-21
               How would you describe Jesus based on what you have read so far in Revelation?

WEEK 3 – Holy, Holy, Holy

Sep 18    The Throne     Rev 4:1-2   
               What does this tell us about the point of view of Revelation?

Sep 19    Rainbow     Rev 4:3-4   
               What significance does an everlasting rainbow have? Why is it in heaven?

Sep 20    Lightning and Fire      Rev 4:5-6a   
               What Old Testament reference does this make you think of?

Sep 21    Creatures     Rev 4:6b-8   
               How would you summarize the ministry of these bizarre worship leaders?

Sep 22    Glory and Honor      Rev 4:9-11
               What does this reveal about who God is and how he relates to his creation?

Sep 23    Creator      Rev 4:11
               Take a moment to read this passage as a prayer of worship.

WEEK 4 – Worthy is The Lamb

Sep 25    The Scroll      Rev 5:1-3   
               What is implied about the nature of this scroll?

Sep 26    Lion and Lamb     Rev 5:4-6   
               What does it mean that Jesus is both the Lion and the Lamb?

Sep 27    The Scroll Opener      Rev 5:6-7   
               How do these verses reveal the divine nature of Jesus?

Sep 28    Worthy     Rev 5:8-10   
               What makes Jesus worthy to open the scroll?

Sep 29    Loud Worship      Rev 5:11-12
               Simply pause and consider the magnitude of this heavenly worship.

Sep 30    Authority        Rev 5:13-14
               How does this passage minister to persecuted Christians?

WEEK 5 – God’s Throne (A look at God's throne in Old Testament)

Oct 2    Over All     Psa 103:19-22 
             What can be known about God’s throne from these verses?

Oct 3    High and Lifted Up     Isa 6:1-3 
             What do the actions and words of the seraphim reveal about God?

Oct 4    Rejoice     Psa 97:1-22
             On what basis can the Earth rejoice?

Oct 5    Reverence      Eze 1:26-28 
             What can we learn from Ezekiel’s response to seeing God’s throne?

Oct 6    God’s Eyes      Psa 11:4 
             How do you feel knowing that from his throne God examines all people?

Oct 7    Tremble      Isa 66:1-2 
             Who finds favor before the throne of the Lord?

WEEK 6 – Sealed

Oct 9     Four Horsemen     Rev 6:1-8   
              Where do you see the effects of the “horsemen” in today’s world?

Oct 10    Avenge Our Blood     Rev 6:9-11   
               What comfort and encouragement do you find in these verses?

Oct 11    Hiding from Wrath     Rev 6:12-17
               Who hides from God and why? 

Oct 12    144 Thousand     Rev 7:1-8     
               What is the significance of God sealing his servants?

Oct 13    Washed     Rev 7:9-17   
               What qualifies this white-robed crowd to stand before God?

Oct 14    Silence in Heaven      Rev 8:1-5   
               What about God causes you to be silent before him?

WEEK 7 – Warning and Witness

Oct 16    Repeating Thirds     Rev 8:6-12   
               How do you see the mercy of God in the midst of this judgment?

Oct 17    Locusts     Rev 8:13-9:12 
               What is the intent of the terror of the locusts?

Oct 18    Released to Kill     Rev 9:13-21 
               Why do you suppose this woe failed to bring repentance?

Oct 19    The Little Scroll      Rev 10:1-11 
               How open are you to receiving the word of God even it is unsettling?

Oct 20    Two Witnesses      Rev 11:1-14 
               How do these “witnesses” serve as an example to us?

Oct 21    Kingdom Come        Rev 11:15-19
               For what is God worshiped in these verses”

WEEK 8 – Cosmic Battle

Oct 23    A Great Sign     Rev 12:1-2 
               Why is it important to remember these are “signs”?

Oct 24    A Child is Born     Rev 12:3-6 
               What Old and New Testament Bible events does this “sign” remind you of?

Oct 25    Spiritual Warfare     Rev 12:7-9 
               What spiritual battles have you faced lately and how does this encourage you?

Oct 26    Overcomers     Rev 12:10-12 
               How do believers overcome the Accuser?

Oct 27    Rescue and Rest     Rev 12:13-14 
               How have you experienced God’s care in the midst of trial?

Oct 28    The Furious Dragon     Rev 12:15-17 
               Who does the dragon war against and why?

WEEK 9 – Earthly Battle

Oct 30    “Who is Like the Beast?”     Rev 13:1-4   
                How does the beast serve as a counterfeit to Christ?

Oct 31    War and Worship     Rev 13:5-8
               How are God’s people different from the world in their response to the beast?

Nov 1    In the Face of Death     Rev 13:9-10
              How can the saints endure through this tribulation?

Nov 2    Pressure     Rev 13:11-12
              Why are people inclined to worship “beasts” of power?

Nov 3    Control      Rev 13:13-17
              The first beast had political power. What is the power of this second beast?

Nov 4    The Mark of the Beast        Rev 13:18
              Since “7” is the number of completeness, what might “666” represent?

WEEK 10 – Alignment and Endurance

Nov 6    The Mark of God     Rev 14:1   
              After the chaos of chapter 13, what do these verses affirm?

Nov 7    The Great Choir     Rev 14:2-5    
              What characterizes this great multitude?

Nov 8    The Eternal Gospel     Rev 14:6-7   
              What is the “eternal gospel” and who will hear it?

Nov 9    Wine     Rev 14:8-12 
              What two wines are described here and who drinks them?

Nov 10    Blessed Indeed     Rev 14:13
                What promise is given to those who “die in the Lord”?

Nov 11    The Harvest     Rev 14:14-20
                What does the image of harvest convey?

WEEK 11 – It Is Done

Nov 13    The Last Plagues     Rev 15:1   
                Why is this sign “great and amazing”?

Nov 14    Songs     Rev 15:2-4   
                What theme unifies the “song of the lamb” and the “song of Moses”?

Nov 15    Do Not Enter      Rev 15:5-8   
                What must take place before God’s sanctuary is open for entry?

Nov 16    Wrath and Repentance     Rev 16:1-11 
                These Exodus-like plagues do not produce repentance. What is true repentance?

Nov 17    Stay Awake     Rev 16:12-16 
                As world powers gather for war, who are we called to keep our eyes on?

Nov 18    The 7th Bowl      Rev 16:17-21 
                What is “done” in this passage?

WEEK 12 – The Fall of Babylon

Nov 20    Babylon the Great     Rev 17:1-6
                How is “Babylon” described here and how is this seen in every age?

Nov 21    Sovereignty      Rev 17:7-18
                How does verse 17 bring sense to all of this chaos?

Nov 22    Fallen     Rev 18:1-10 
                Why motivates God to call his people away from Babylon?

Nov 23    Longing for Babylon     Rev 18:11-14
                How are you guilty of finding contentment in the things Babylon loved so much?

Nov 24    Laid Waste     Rev 18:15-20 
                What is the failing security that Babylon was built on?

Nov 25    No More        Rev 18:21-24
                What woes are pronounced on the city of Babylon?

WEEK 13 – The Return of the King

Nov 27    Hallelujah     Rev 19:1-3    
                What sounds of worship do you really appreciate?

Nov 28    Praise     Rev 19:4-5   
                How will you respond to the voice that says, “Praise our God”?

Nov 29    Made Ready     Rev 19:6-8   
                What has Christ given us, his bride that we might prepare for his return?

Nov 30    Testimony     Rev 19:9-10 
                How does John define prophecy here?

Dec 1    The White Horse Rider     Rev 19:11-16 
              What can be known about Jesus and his reign from this passage?

Dec 2    Victory     Rev 19:17-21 
              How does the divine Warrior defeat the deceiving enemy of God and his people?

WEEK 14 – Reign, Resurrection, and Recompense

Dec 4    Seized and Bound     Rev 20:1-3
              What does this reveal about Satan’s power and God’s power?

Dec 5    Authority to Judge     Rev 20:4   
              What does this say about how God works through his people?

Dec 6    Death Has No Power     Rev 20:5-6   
              Knowing death holds no power, how does this embolden you to serve Christ?

Dec 7    Rescue and Recompense     Rev 20:7-10 
              How does God show himself faithful even when we are surrounded by the enemy?

Dec 8    The Great White Throne      Rev 20:11-12
              According to these verses why do our actions in this life matter?

Dec 9    Second Death     Rev 20:13-15 
              What is the implication of death and the grave being thrown into the lake of fire?

WEEK 15 – All Things New

Dec 11    No More Tears     Rev 21:1-4   
                What sorrow are you most looking forward to being gone forever?

Dec 12    Behold     Rev 21:5-8   
               What are you most looking forward to seeing made new?

Dec 13    Twelve Gates     Rev 21:9-14 
                How do the many gates symbolize the fulfillment of God’s promise to his people?

Dec 14    The Holy City     Rev 21:15-21 
                When recently have you needed a vision of God’s everlasting city?

Dec 15    Open Gates     Rev 21:22-27 
                Who can be a citizen of this new amazing city?

Dec 16    Tree of Life     Rev 22:1-5   
                How does this bring the story of the Bible full circle?

WEEK 16 – Come Lord Jesus

Dec 18    Trustworthy     Rev 22:6   
                How does this reassure those who have waited a long time for “what will happen soon”?

Dec 19    Obey     Rev 22:7   
                How can we obey the words of prophecy from Revelation?

Dec 20    Repayment     Rev 22:8-12 
                What can we expect from Jesus when he comes?

Dec 21    Inside and Outside     Rev 22:14-15 
                What is implied about the basis for salvation and judgment?

Dec 22    Thirsty     Rev 22:16-17 
                How has seeing Jesus in Revelation caused you to desire his coming?

Dec 23    Come, Lord Jesus!     Rev 22:18-21 
                What is your biggest take-away from reading through Revelation?